wastewater treatment plant maintenance program and its importance

Importance Of A Wastewater Treatment Plant Maintenance Program

The useful lifespan of any water or wastewater treatment plant is determined partly by factors such construction, structural design, the facility’s location, and the implementation of a regular wastewater treatment plant maintenance program.

However, one of the most important factors to a longer treatment plant lifespan is a well thought out and routine maintenance program that keeps waste water equipment running smoothly and buildings structurally sound.

Implementing a Wastewater Treatment Plant Maintenance Program Will Increase Your Plant’s Lifespan

Without proper wastewater treatment plant maintenance program, the usable life of any treatment plant or related equipment is reduced by as much as 30%.

A wastewater treatment plant often lacks a maintenance program because officials believe it is too costly, requires special knowledge or is too complex. While all operations replace broken equipment, taking a proactive approach and implementing an effective wastewater maintenance program can be easily achieved.

Why Partner with a Wastewater Treatment Plant Maintenance Company

A quality wastewater maintenance program will reduce downtime and repairs and will extend the life of your equipment.

Inevitably, water treatment equipment will break down and other maintenance issues will arise, however, a maintenance program, provided by a reputable wastewater treatment plant maintenance company such as DESCCO Water Treatment Plant Construction and MaintenanceA Division of DESCCO Design and Construction will reduce the frequency and amount of breakdown occurrences.

When a breakdown or other maintenance issue does occur, the maintenance company, already familiar with your operation, can repair it quickly and efficiently.

One important rule for keeping water and wastewater treatment plants in good working condition is to use energy efficient and quality machinery.

It is advisable to use standard machinery as lower quality clarifiers and aerators can lead to issues such as improper deposition of solid sludge, buildup of filaments or matter and higher use of energy.

In addition to structural maintenance, quality equipment requires: clarifiers are clear of solid waste, an absence of biological growth in aerators, no filaments growth in aeration tanks and regular equipment maintenance.

In addition to repairing equipment breakdowns and maintenance issues, there are other important benefits an establishing a relationship with a WWTP (Waste Water Treatment Plant) maintenance company will create. These operational benefits include:

  • regular equipment inspection
  • scheduled adjustments and calibrations
  • improvement of long-term overhaul processes
  • reduced down time for emergency repairs
  • improved utilization of equipment
  • organization of equipment maintenance processes
  • purposeful use of lubricants
  • lower inventory of spare parts
  • overall better use of facility operations

Maintenance is sometimes thought of as overhead, but will keep expenses down when implemented properly. DESCCO Plant Maintenance can be one of your best resources for reducing overall expenses and having structures and equipment outlast their expected lifespan.

Wastewater treatment plant maintenance should be an operator’s top priority. Each water and wastewater treatment facility should be approached differently and may require a specific maintenance process based on the design, employees or equipment involved.

Contact DESCCO Plant Maintenance to provide regular service to keep your facility operating smoothly.

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