DESCCO Design & Construction has been designing, building and renovating water and wastewater treatment plants since 1976. Our expert water treatment plant team will take the time to understand your project needs. They can anticipate you’re the specific requirements and identify creative and alternative solutions that will keep your water or wastewater project on budget and on schedule.

When you partner with DESCCO Design & Construction you’ll gain the benefit of our expertise from planning and design to cost and time estimates, all the way through construction and maintenance. Our company consists of people with unique skills to coordinate and supervise and always deliver quality service.

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At DESCCO, we understand that there are growing concerns about the way our water is being treated today. Because of these concerns, we take the time to understand every individual situation, and the details surrounding your project environment.

Our project managers and engineers have the capability and experience to manage your water or wastewater treatment plant project. Whether it be a private, municipal or industrial wastewater treatment plant, we will conduct your project in a professional, timely manner and on budget.


Dwight E. Stoltzfus - DESCCO Founder

When Dwight E. Stoltzfus founded DESCCO in 1976, it was his hope to imprint a standard of quality on the building trades that would last for many generations.

Today, that standard endures through the design, construction and renovation work that DESCCO performs. In today’s fiercely competitive environment, DESCCO is truly a hybrid, excelling in situations that require unusual attention, patience and nurturing.

DESCCO builds for reasons that surpass our own immediate goals, and we bring foresight, integrity, and longevity to our work. DESCCO’s water and wastewater treatment construction division brings practical design experience to every project and by using the latest technologies throughout the designing, planning, and managing stages, your wastewater treatment plant will be in top shape.

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