Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade lil Wolf Mobile Park

Lil Wolf Mobile Home Park Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade

The Lil Wolf Mobile Home Park wastewater treatment plant upgrade involved a complete replacement of an aging wastewater treatment system serving the Lil Wolf Mobile home community in Lehigh County. The design engineer was Thomas Schreffler, P.E., with Light-Heigle Associates of Palmyra, Pa. DESCCOWATER was the successful bidder on this competitive bid project. Their role […]

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wastewater treatment plant maintenance program and its importance

Importance Of A Wastewater Treatment Plant Maintenance Program

The useful lifespan of any water or wastewater treatment plant is determined partly by factors such construction, structural design, the facility‚Äôs location, and the implementation of a regular wastewater treatment plant maintenance program. However, one of the most important factors to a longer treatment plant lifespan is a well thought out and routine maintenance program […]

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Workplace Safety by DESCCO


DESCCO Water Treatment Plant Construction and Maintenance – A Division of DESCCO Design and Construction, Inc. continues to be committed to workplace safety. Our primary goal is to provide our employees with a safe workplace and to protect them from hazards that would keep them from supporting themselves and their families. DESCCO’s COMMITMENT TO HIGH […]

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